FlickR Channel for Plex Media Server

I use FlickR becuase they offer a massive 1TB of space for free, photos from my smartphone are set to automatically sync too.  At home I have a Plex Media Server which mostly serves up video content to a TV with a Chromecast attached to it.  I've also got a WiFi Photo Frame which I wanted to display photos from my FlickR account on.  After some Googling I found that someone had written a FlickR plugin along time ago, but it wasn't working with the latest release of Plex.

So I decided that this was a good oppurtunity to learn some Python and write a new FlickR plug-in for Plex.  FlickR uses OAuth 1.0a to authenticate users against their API, so I found an existing file that handled all of the signature complexity.  I quickly discovered that the Plex plug-in's run in a sandbox environment, so I was restricted in which libraries I could import, this made things a bit akward but not impossible.

The Plug-In requires your FlickR username and password, after which it will display a list of your PhotoSet's to choose from.  Here's a screenshot of the Channel:

As I mentioned you'll need to enter your FlickR username and password into the FlickR Channel Settings:

The source code for the Plug-in is available on GitHub here.  Please raise any questions or suggestions on the GitHub page.

To install the plug-in on your Plex Media Server, locate the following folder:

\\<YourServer>\Plex\Library\Application Support\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins

I have a Synology Disk Station where Plex is installed as a Package, so the location might be different depending on which flavour of Plex you have installed.

Create a new sub folder called FlickR.bundle and copy the Contents folder from the GitHub repository into it.  You might need to reboot or restart the Plex server afterwards.

If it doesn't work please have a look for the log in the following folder:

\\<YourServer>\Plex\Library\Application Support\Plex Media Server\Logs\PMS Plugin Logs

There should be a file called in which hopefully will be a clue as to the problem.


Unknown said...

Hi... flickr is the thing... at least for me...
I was able to upload the bundle into the plugin folder and see it under PMS and Plex clients.. however..

I have entered my credentials and it is not working..

I see an SSL error on the log..

Do I need a consumer key and/or consumer secret (

Any pointers are most valuable..

Anonymous said...

i've installed (successfully, i think) your flickr channel plugin for plex but i can't see any photo library in the flickr channel ( from lightroom flickr )
I can see: in the application support library
Thank's for your help