Sharepoint: Document Control

This is a 10 minute video demo of Sharepoint Document Control.  It shows the creation of a new Controlled Document and it's lifecycle through approval and revision.  You can see the integration with Microsoft Word and how the document can be revised whilst the original published document remains the only version  available to the readers. 

It is built on a standard Sharepoint Document Library which has versioning enabled and enforced check-in and check-out.  There are no additional webparts, only standard views and workflow tasks.  You can customise everything around the famework that is in place including the views, fields, word template and tasks.

I hope you find the video informative, please post any questions as comments and I will do my best to answer them.  I hope to produce some further videos that show the document review workflows and change request features.

Depending on your screen resolution you might find watching the video on the YouTube site in full screen provides a better view of the demo.  Please click here to open the YouTube page.